Things I learned today…

1. Measure carefully. Un-nailing a wall is actually harder than putting it together in the first place.

2. A hammer can do some pretty serious (and painful) damage to your finger if you let it.

3. Landscaping stones make good sledgehammers if one isn’t available. And bubble bottles can be screwed to the floor to be a makeshift doorstop.

4. Ethan wants to be a builder. He wanted to go and pretend to build in his room after I stopped working for the day. Oh, and he never hits his fingers with his hammer.

5. There’s more math to building than I realized. Mostly addition and subtraction, really, but lots of it.

6. Pay attention to how much space you have when you build a wall. If, say, you build it so that the top of the wall is under the end of the bed, this makes it tricky to stand said wall up. Hypothetically, that is, Of course.

7. I can actually build a wall!

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