Thoughts on scrapbooking

I finished this layout yesterday and thought I would post a picture of it. The lighting made the page look a little yellow. The background page is actually pale pink and white. But the point of the photo is to show you all the journalling.
I’ve been reading some different blogs on scrabooking and one that has been particularly interesting to me lately is this one. She has some really crazy ideas that might rock your world in regard to how you do your albums and sort your photos. She even suggests that you don’t have to do all your photos in chronological order! I mentioned this to the girls at our srapping getaway and I was almost kicked out of the house.
Here are some recent ideas that I’ve picked up from reading her blog. Some of these ideas are from a book that she wrote called Photo Freedom.
  1. Your kids may not be interested in books and books of photos just dedicated to them. If you do albums for them. They aren’t going to want 40 albums when they move out!
  2. Go ahead and print the photos that you’re “90 %” certain that you will want to include in an album and then put them in some sort of photo binder I can leaf through so I can see what photos I have as I think through what I feel inspired to work on. They will never end up in an album if they are stuck on your computer.
  3. Display current photos around the house so they can be enjoyed now.
  4. Put your albums somewhere your family and friends can enjoy them– even as you are adding pages to it. Don’t wait until you finish the last page. These are meant to be enjoyed now.
  5. One of the most powerful things about scrapbooking is the ability to add meaning to your photos. I’m all for a beautiful layout, but more important than that, you need to journal on your pages so you can remember specific thoughts, emotions, moments, milestones, funny stories. . . You get the idea. As I work on my pages from our first year of marriage, I want to remember what it was like to adjust to married life and some specific things about the process, and as I work on my kids albums I want to remember what it was like to be pregnant, give birth, adjust to being a new mom, and all the cute, funny, and challenging things Ethan and Audrey did. These are the things that will be most meaningful to anyone who looks at those scrapbooks down the line.

I don’t do all those things I just mentioned, but they are things that I’m thinking about and working on implementing into my process. I havn’t done enough journaling on my pages so that’s what I’m becoming more passionate about right now. The page I did last night is an example of journaling the things I wanted to remember about the first days and weeks of having Audrey home.

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday! We’re getting ready to head over to Blakes for a moving party.

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