Back to real life- kind of

We’re home all day today! The kids have been playing with their things like they are brand new! I guess that’s what happens when you leave for 4 days. The toys seem special again. We’re almost back to normal. We’re missing Nathan tonight. So, it’s not completely normal. He is in Iowa for a work conference.

The kids have been great. We bought a sprinkler today and played in the water this afternoon while watering the grass. I think Audrey enjoyed it the most. Ethan was wishing he had a water gun! He’s more into shooting people with water than playing in the water.

One more exciting thing about today was that I decided to see what I could do to cut our electric bill. Everything in our house, except our stove, runs on electric and we don’t have the most efficient vent system for cooling the house. This means that we have pretty large electric bills in the summer. The rest of the year isn’t really low, but not as bad. So, I decided I would line dry the clothes!

Now, I just need to finish my research on the best way to hang the clothes to avoid wrinkles. This is the first thing I’ve read. I guess I have a lot to learn about hanging out clothes.

P.S. Anyone notice anything different about the neighbor’s house?

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