Getting settled into a better house cleaning routine

I’ve been feeling motivated to streamline my housecleaning process. I’m using most of the ideas from Fly Lady. I don’t subscribe to the email reminders because you get about 15 a day and it drives me crazy. I do check the site where it has the daily reminders.

There are certain things I do every day:
Clean the counters/sinks and do the dishes (morning and evening)
Wipe the counters in the bathrooms
Clean the toilets in the bathrooms (it’s amazing how easy this is if you do it every day)
At least one load of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
Spend a few minutes putting things away in an area that seems to keep collecting more and more things!

Then I do some things that are specific to a certain zone that I’m working on for that week. One of the neat things about the zones is that the site has a ton of specific things written for each area of your house. Here is a link.

I also have chores that that I do just on a particular day, but it’s too detailed to go into and I got most of it from the flylady site so I’ll let you just check it out yourself.

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