Last weekend

It was a busy weekend.

Friday afternoon was crazy. I discovered the carpet in the basement was damp. Upon further discovery (opening the storage/utility room door) we found the source of the water. One of the airconditioner hoses came detatched. The result was a huge mess. Nathan came home a little early. I tossed a few things in the garbage and gave some instructions to the babysitter. I had set up to have Katarina (a girl who lives a couple blocks away)come over because I was leaving early to meet some friends for a scrapbooking weekend. Even though Nathan was here before I left, I still had her come over so he could get some stuff done without worrying about the kids.

There were 7 of us who stayed at my dad’s house for the weekend. One more person joined us for the day on Saturday. We completed 80 scrapbook pages, watched lots of episodes of The Office, ate good food and stayed up too late!

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