Doctor Appointment and missed nap

Audrey had her 18 month checkup today. It was a couple of weeks late! I thought she would get more shots today, but she’s all up to date so no “poking” (as Ethan calls it). She was 25 1/2 lbs and 31 inches. Right at the 50th percentile. Perfectly normal. She’s doing everything she should be doing and more.
The afternoon wasn’t fun. Ethan didn’t take a nap. He needed one so badly. He didn’t get an afternoon snack and he wasn’t allowed to play with us when we were outside. He had to stay buckled in the stroller. I need to find some sort of consequence that speaks to him. When we got home tonight, he ran away from Daddy when we were getting out of the car and he scratched his face on the pine tree. It’s was significant enough that it kept bleeding for a while. We laid him down early because he was so tired. Over an hour later and he still hadn’t gone to sleep. I’m so frustrated. It just makes me so angry that he wont listen and lay quietly. He’s just going to be more cranky tomorrow.

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