I’m so proud of my husband!

He worked all day sanding and painting Ethan’s room! Ethan was very excited when we got home.

Doing house projects with two toddlers is impossible– especially when we are working on one of their rooms. I didn’t have anyone who would have been able to take the kids all day so we took off last night and stayed at my dad’s. He had some appointments for work, but it worked out well. I just needed a place we could all be and where the kids could get naps. It worked well. It’s just a lot of organizing and shuffling people around anytime we need to get something done.

Nathan worked really hard. We have a lot working against us in trying to get this done- time constraints (only so many hours that the kids are able to be out of the way), our location which is 30 minutes one way from the nearest Menards or Home Depot and there aren’t a lot of resources in our little town, and the fact that Nathan has never done this kind of work on his own. It’s hard, messy and tedious!

Anyway, I’m thankful for the work that got done and proud of my husband.

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