Our new son

It seems that we have a new son! The Ethan that challenged us at every turn seems to have been replaced with another boy who is much quicker to listen and obey his parents!
On Saturday afternoon, he didn’t nap for Nathan at all. When Audrey woke up, Daddy let Ethan come out of his room and he gave Audrey a cookie and chocolate milk. Ethan was very disappointed to discover that his mean father was only going to give him bread and water. I guess he cried for a while. I wasn’t there for it. He still ate all the bread though!
On Sunday, he went right to sleep when we laid him down for his nap. He slept for over 3 hours! That night he also went to bed easily. Same story today. I hope it lasts. I really like it.
I scolded Ethan this evening for splashing water from the tub onto the bathroom floor and he asked me if I still loved him. He really is a sweet child. It’s wonderful to be loved by two incredible children.

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