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The whole shebang

By now, Amy and the kids are on their way up to family reunion. With no access to the internet…. Continue reading »

Chapter 5

The story continues. Here’s Chapter 5! It’s fun to write to my kids’ sense of humor. Chapter 6 is almost… Continue reading »

Chapter 4!

Here is Chapter 4! Also, I’m excited that Ethan and Audrey have been writing stories back to me! Chapter 1:… Continue reading »

My secret plan

So, a couple years ago, I was sitting on the floor of Ethan’s room and asked him whether he wanted… Continue reading »

Digging Deep, Planting Roots

I’m re-posting this in honor of the SheReadsTruth community.  If you’re looking for a simple and powerful way to make… Continue reading »

What It’s Like to Be New To a Church

Nathan and I have been going through the new-comers class (called Discovery) at our church. Last Sunday, as the pastor… Continue reading »

Timely Messages

My brain has been busy lately. Tons of big thoughts and dreams. Excitement and fear. I swing from peace to… Continue reading »

If You Aren’t a Perfect Mom

I’ve been thinking about motherhood lately. Specifically, I’ve been hoping that  I can work through my issues quickly so my… Continue reading »

What I Know 3 Years Later

On January 11, a woman that I don’t know suffered a major stroke. She was 38. She is 38. She… Continue reading »

Do You Trust Me?

Today, and many days recently, I hear the Lord asking, “Do you trust Me”? Honestly, I have not been living… Continue reading »