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Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from the Tennessee Fritz family! Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were filled with family, easy traditions and way too much sugar. 🙂 We started Christmas Eve day feeling a bit hung-over from the excitement of the previous evening. We had tornado warning and spent a little time huddled in our bathroom. 5 […]

Summer Reading

Memorial Day has come and gone. That means it’s “summer” (forget the pesky calendar). So, we started a reading challenge. We’re going to see how many pages we can read this summer. The kids are full steam ahead on this and having lots fun!

House Update

Last week we received an update that our file had finally made it to the USDA and they had made the determination that they would not accept the offer on the house because they decided that our situation did not qualify us for a short sale. So, it wasn’t a problem with the offer. The […]

Wrapping Up This Season of Bible Bowl

Ethan and his team had their last round robin tournament of the season yesterday. Ethan studied hard and he did really well. I was very proud of him. Nathan and Audrey and Isaac came and watched as well. I know that Ethan loved that! They ended up winning 4 and losing 2 yesterday. One of […]

3rd Place!

Ethan’s Bible Bowl team took 3rd place in the April Round Robin! He got to bring home the trophy and keep it for a bit. It goes back to be awarded to the appropriate team next month 🙂

Easter Egg Hunt

Yep, there is food in Isaac’s mouth. Crazy kids. Bringing Halloween baskets to an Easter egg hunt. Sometimes you can’t find the right baskets when it’s time to go. Oops.

More Park Photos

Another Update On Our Short Sale Process

In case you’ve been wondering what is happening with our house, I thought I would update you. 🙂 As I mentioned previously, the person who had made an offer on our house at the end of the summer backed out. I don’t think he had any funds at all and when the bank didn’t agree […]

Kindergarten Milestone

Isaac finished one of his workbooks today. Look at this sweet face.   We’re so proud of his hard work! Shortly after I took this picture he came to me in tears. He thought that finishing the book meant that he didn’t get to see his friend Ziggy the Zebra anymore. Lucky for him, I […]

Merry Christmas

I think Nathan took one picture of Isaac with one of his gifts 🙂 So, this will be a picture-less post. Yesterday we went to Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb We hardly ever go to the theatre as a family because it is so expensive, but we decided to do it as […]