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I Found Our Camera and PHOTOS!

This morning I decided I needed to get the photos off the camera and onto the computer, but I couldn’t find the camera. Ugh! I finally found it after moving around some things on the countertop in the kitchen. Prepare to be overwhelmed with photos. First, a couple of Audrey because Kylene needed them. I […]

Spring Flowers

Audrey drew these:

Photo Friday

Finally Photos

House for sale in Franklin?

  If any family wants a summer home, this is the perfect place! You can get it for a steal: 25,500,000. It has 20,430 sq feet and 700 acres. Best of all, it’s only about 5 miles from our house.

Isaac Shows His Sad Face

Look at that lip! He is the master of the sad face. This is a picture of a perfectly happy child. I just asked to see his sad face. I’m going to miss those sweet toddler cheeks when he loses the rest of his baby fat.

Another Day At the Park

Around The House


Fall Harvest Orchard Visit

The “I Love You Too” Pose