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Ending On A Good Note

There were some really nice things about today. I thought I should let you know since the last post was… Continue reading »

Keep Swimming. Keep Swimming.

We finally got the official word that Ethan was accepted in the Heritage Homeschool Tutorial for 4th grade. It meets… Continue reading »

Love Is An Open Door– Hahahaha

This is THE BEST! )

Today Was So Hard

Today was hard. I woke up feeling like I was getting a cold. I’m sure that didn’t help. I went… Continue reading »

Ahhh Bedtime

I love bedtime– the time when the kids are in bed and finally sleeping. A long time ago when I… Continue reading »


I love this quote by Bill Cosby

Happy 6th Birthday, Audrey

Audrey has been asking for a “Teddy bear bunk bed” for months. She and Nathan made one this week!  … Continue reading »

Stop Growing So Fast

Oh my heart. Wasn’t she just 7 lbs a minute ago? Audrey and I had a lovely time during Isaac’s… Continue reading »

Mother’s Day 2012

What an honor it is to be the mom of these three crazy kids. THREE! Having a 7 year old,… Continue reading »

Not Too Late

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been successful with New Year’s resolutions. Most of them, I had given up on by… Continue reading »