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Ending On A Good Note

There were some really nice things about today. I thought I should let you know since the last post was really a downer. We waited to start official school work today. We’re working on what I am going to call “Taking Back Tuesday”. Tuesday is garbage day. Every Tuesday for the last several months there […]

Keep Swimming. Keep Swimming.

We finally got the official word that Ethan was accepted in the Heritage Homeschool Tutorial for 4th grade. It meets on Thursdays! He will have classes for most of the day and then assignments that he needs to do each week. He will have classes in history, science, art, keyboarding,  and PE. It is going […]

Love Is An Open Door– Hahahaha

This is THE BEST! )

Today Was So Hard

Today was hard. I woke up feeling like I was getting a cold. I’m sure that didn’t help. I went in the boys’ room and was so overwhelmed by the mess in their room and closet that I yelled at them. I went on and on and on. It wasn’t helpful in anyway. In  the […]

Ahhh Bedtime

I love bedtime– the time when the kids are in bed and finally sleeping. A long time ago when I was pregnant with Ethan, Nathan prayed for a curious child. I have not had a moment of silence during Ethan’s waking hours since. I’m savoring the quiet tonight because I answered approximately 5,273 questions today.


I love this quote by Bill Cosby

Happy 6th Birthday, Audrey

Audrey has been asking for a “Teddy bear bunk bed” for months. She and Nathan made one this week!     I’ll have a better picture with the bears tucked in later 🙂

Stop Growing So Fast

Oh my heart. Wasn’t she just 7 lbs a minute ago? Audrey and I had a lovely time during Isaac’s nap today. Snuggling and telling her the story of all the kid’s births, looking at photo albums, fixing our hair and playing with Barbie dolls.

Mother’s Day 2012

What an honor it is to be the mom of these three crazy kids. THREE! Having a 7 year old, 5 1/2 year old and an almost-3 year old is an adventure. It’s a good life.

Not Too Late

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been successful with New Year’s resolutions. Most of them, I had given up on by this point in the year. Lately, I’ve been inspired by reading the “Finish Year” posts on Jon Acuff’s blog. Every week he gives an update on Sunday of how he is doing on specific goals. […]