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That Time When God Bought A Van

This week we found out that there was a need for a family in our life group at church. They were having vehicle problems and some other frustrations were thrown in to cause this to be a really big deal for them. One person  felt like they should present the need and opportunity to the […]

Thankful: Unexpected Provision

I am thankful for unexpected provision. Nathan had two random consulting jobs this week. One of them was for a client whose site he set up. She still gets stuck from time and time and requests help. The other one was for his former employer. While it wasn’t ideal for them that they ran into […]


As Amy has explained, God had been moving in her heart for some time now. I was aware of some of it, though the bits of books she read aloud to me and through some of the discussions it was all leading to. But, much of it was still catching me by surprise… Apparently, it takes a bit […]

The Treasure Principle

There are two ways I can do this blog post. 1. Tell you to go and buy/borrow/check-out the book The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn and leave it at that., or 2.)Tell you about the book and how it impacted me and encourage you get it yourself to read later. I’m going with option 2. […]

Meet Shelly

It’s partly Shelly’s fault my reasonable plan for our money changed. Shelly had a burden on her heart to bring the Feed My Starving Children ministry to Franklin, TN. So, she quit her part-time job and made it her full-time job to find a place to host the event, advertise, find workers and raise funds. […]

I Don’t Know When It Started

Have you had an experience like this? For several months Nathan and I have been in situations where we have heard the same message over and over again. It’s about our stuff. It’s about possessions and money and how we use them. So, I’m going to share our story and what this theme is that […]

BIG news

We could not have made the math work on this on our own. Only because of God’s provision and to His glory, our remaining consumer debt was paid off just a few minutes ago. It feels good. God did all of this. It’s all His money. We are grateful and humbled.


God has been speaking to Nathan and I about the issue of generosity. It’s really been hitting us from all sides. Yesterday Nathan’s workplace showed this video for one of their meetings:   I Like Car from on Vimeo. What if we changed our perspective on the money in our back accounts? What if […]