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Bible Bowl Weekend

It’s Monday morning, post-Bible Bowl tournament weekend. I’m so tired and considering quitting everything I ever signed up to do. I should probably never make decisions when I’m feeling this tired!   We actually had a really good time. I was so proud of Isaac and Audrey! They did so well and were so well-behaved […]

Tornado Day!


Thursdays remind me that I am weak 🙂 Even though we are 6 weeks into this school year and every Thursday we have the same routine at our tutorial, I still finish out the day completely exhausted. This was today’s schedule: 5:45- Get up and shower and get dressed. 6:30- Kids get up, get dressed, […]

Early Morning Running

For the last several years, I’ve toyed with the idea of joining a running group here in Spring Hill. I always talked myself out of it because I’m not able to go very fast and I need to take walk breaks. A couple of weeks ago, one of the members of the running group decided […]

Good Coffee & Morning Rhythms

Daylight saving time has me dragging a little. After a week full of fun with Brian and Missy, this morning, I’m recovering by embracing my normal Monday morning routine. Coffee with my favorite creamer. Scrambled eggs cooked in a touch of melted better. 2 pieces of bacon. The coup de grace is that that cooked […]

Ready For A Busy Week!

We’re gearing up for a busy week! Now that I think of it, maybe it’s next week that will be busy? Ethan, Audrey and I are leaving to go to Louisville, KY on Friday afternoon. They will be competing, along with some other kids from our church, in the Main Game Beginner Bible Bowl event. […]

I Ran In The Cold!

It took all week for Ethan to feel better. I am feeling too timid to declare us all healthy, but it does seem that Ethan is better. It was a strange week. We had several days of school being either closed or late starts. Those things impacted our schedules as well even though we don’t […]

Not As Healthy As I Thought

Ethan has been taking out by “the bug which shall not be named”. We don’t know what it is. Negative on the strep culture, but he does have some bacterial infection on his tonsils. Looks like just Isaac’s looked. He has a fever and has no appetite. This morning, he was complaining that his throat […]

And Winter Is Gone. Maybe. And My Crazy Day.

A week ago there was ice and snow on the ground and churches were cancelling their services for the following day. Today it will be sunny and 62 degrees. Remind me to never complain when it’s cold here! We had a busy week. One of those weeks where everything is packed together and you’ve over […]


We got snow last week!     School was cancelled Friday and it’s still cancelled today. I think most of the roads are fine, but there are some outer areas that are icy. The kids have had so much fun with their makeshift sleds even though they don’t have proper snow gear. I did happen […]