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Happy Dance

I just heard from my friend that Ethan has been accepted into a local homeschool tutorial program for next year!… Continue reading »

Today’s Reading Lesson

Today Audrey was learning how to to separate syllables in words that have one consonant between two vowels: Broken Protect… Continue reading »

School Update

 Ethan- He’s been working hard on multiple digit multiplication with regrouping. This is hard for a child that doesn’t write… Continue reading »

Quick Check-In

I’m still not feeling great. I’m wondering if I should cancel my physical for tomorrow. I’m not sure what the… Continue reading »

K12 TNVA Rant

Since last February, we have used the Tennessee Virtual Academy(TNVA) as Ethan’s school. They sent us all the curriculum… Continue reading »

Ethan The Creative

I love that Ethan loves to create things. Today he is working on a picture. He’s learning perspective. Foreground, background…. Continue reading »

Conversations At Our House

A few weeks ago, I was talking with the kids about how they could start researching and testing out careers… Continue reading »

Embracing This Stage

 School started for us at the beginning of August. So, the crazy move chaos and starting school happened at the… Continue reading »

Wrapping Up Our School Year

It’s hard to believe that we only have a couple of weeks left of this school year. Ethan just finished… Continue reading »


I’m looking forward to a do-over today. Yesterday wasn’t fun. Audrey struggled a bit with a page she was supposed… Continue reading »