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Ethan’s Castle

        I don’t know if all the labels are clear, but this is what was included and… Continue reading »

Discovery Center Field Trip Day

We went on a Field Trip to the Discovery Center yesterday.   The kids had a fabulous time learning about… Continue reading »

Wrapping Up Our School Year

We only have 2 weeks of school left! We are ready to be done.  It’s amazing how quickly Ethan can… Continue reading »

Something Awesome

As we were getting ready to sign up Ethan for tutorial for next year, my friend, Katherine, encouraged me to… Continue reading »

School For Next Year

It may only be the end of March, but it will be time to re-enroll for Ethan’s tutorial next year…. Continue reading »

A Report on Ethan’s First Day At Tutorial

Thursday morning came this week and Ethan wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t think it was nerves about school, but I… Continue reading »

Enjoying The Pool While It’s Open

The outdoor pool will only be open for a little longer. Today we decided to take advantage of the hot… Continue reading »

Reading Update

Here’s a page from the story that Audrey read to me today:  I’m so proud of her! Do you know… Continue reading »

Keep Swimming. Keep Swimming.

We finally got the official word that Ethan was accepted in the Heritage Homeschool Tutorial for 4th grade. It meets… Continue reading »

I Feel Like Blogging Twice Today

Life has been crazy and stressful. I feel like our hands are very full. Right now my mind is a… Continue reading »