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Yay! I can middle click again!

I love my Logitech Cordless Wave keyboard. Almost as much as I love the Das Keyboard Model S Pro I use at work. (Thank you Crown for letting me keep it!) But, sadly, the mouse that goes with my wave keyboard had lost the ability to middle click. This morning, I was researching gVIM plugins, […]

Not Too Late

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been successful with New Year’s resolutions. Most of them, I had given up on by this point in the year. Lately, I’ve been inspired by reading the “Finish Year” posts on Jon Acuff’s blog. Every week he gives an update on Sunday of how he is doing on specific goals. […]

Apple Blossom 5k

A few months ago, I was feeling hopeful about my knee/hip pain and I registered Nathan and I for a race. As the date got closer, it became apparent that I would not be able to do the 10k that I had signed up for. I was able to switch my registration so that I […]

New Year’s Goals Update

I did a post at the beginning of the year about my goals for 2011. You can find it here if you want to see it! Here’s how I’m doing so far- 1. Finances. 11 days into the this year (oh, wow, is it 1/11/11 today? Woot!), we’re staying on track with our budget. It’s […]

2010 Chaska Turkey Trot, Part I

It snowed. A lot. Not just a little dusting, but heavy, wet snow and a nice strong wind from the north. Nathan and I decided to head out a little early because of the snow. Marie had convinced her husband to drive her so she wouldn’t have to drive in the snow. As we pulled […]

Project Life Update

It’s been a while since I did an update on my Project Life album. I’ve had some very successful weeks and months when it comes to keeping up with taking a photo every day. I’ve also had some dismal failures where I don’t think I took any photos all week. I’m horribly behind on my […]

Nathan is out doing his 5 mile run

I learned my lesson from the last time. I set the timer for how long I think it will take him and I’m planning to send a search party if he is late! I did my 5 miles this morning. It was so nice out. The sun was just coming up and it was a […]

A very late race post

Through a bizarre sequence of accidents, I locked myself out of the blog until yesterday, when I finally took the time to get myself back in 🙂 So, here’s my brief, belated blog boast. I finished the race faster than Amy predicted. I averaged 11:20 miles for a total time of 34:59. There’s nothing like […]

I’m running!

I’m back to running. Training for my 2nd 5K, which will happen here in town in August. It’ll be fun to run places I know. Today, though, I am quite proud of having run all the way around the lake. 4.3 miles in a 66 minutes. Not bad…

Running Update

I thought I would work on a post about running and my diet progress while I’m uploading photos to photobucket so you can see the farm photos. I don’t know why they aren’t working from Picasa, but sometimes it doesn’t work right. Oh well. I’m up to 193.6 miles for the year. I’m actually quite […]