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I know you’ve been on pins and needles wondering how my running is going 🙂 I’ve been sticking with it! Here is what I’ve done since last I updated you: 7/2- 5 miles 7/4- 2.1 miles 7/7- 2.1 miles 7/12- 2 miles 7/14- 2.7 miles 7/16- 6.5 miles 7/19- 2.1 miles 7/21- 2.3 miles 7/23- […]

Early Morning Running

For the last several years, I’ve toyed with the idea of joining a running group here in Spring Hill. I always talked myself out of it because I’m not able to go very fast and I need to take walk breaks. A couple of weeks ago, one of the members of the running group decided […]

Christmas Baking Season Has Begun!

This isn’t great for my diet, but what kind of life is one with no Christmas cookies? The kids and I did some baking yesterday.   We made Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies. Oh, so yummy!     Nathan stayed home today. He had some vacation time still to use this year that he didn’t remember […]

On Having Shingles

If this post makes no sense, let’s blame it on the narcotic I just took 😉 I have shingles. Not the kind that you use on your roof. I have the virus. On Friday, my toes hurt a lot. I wrote it off to the weather, my poor circulation and my old age. On Saturday […]

Weight Loss Update- November 2015

        I thought I would update you on my weight loss progress. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to stick with something for so long. My start date was August 9 (a couple of weeks before we started the Fritz Family Weight loss Challenge). I’ve […]

Working On My Weight

After having pretty good success with losing weight in April, I went back to my old eating habits and gained much of it back. On August 9th, I decided to start really working on my weight again. I had been feeling tired and out of shape and unhealthy. I was up 14 lbs from the […]

Healthy Eating Update

You’re probably on pins and needles wondering how Nathan and I have been doing with our eating. We were following an eating plan that supposedly helps to get your metabolism working great in 28 days. I say “supposedly” because I’m a little skeptical of the specific “science” claims behind eating certain things on certain days […]


I was feeling crummy yesterday. For most of the day, I wrote it off to the humidity and allergies and the fact that I really wanted chocolate. But when I arrived home from bringing Ethan to and from Bible Bowl practice last night, I knew that it was worse than allergies. My throat was killing […]

Healthy Eating

I’ve had lots of starts and stops in trying to have a healthier diet. Such is life 🙂 But, I am here to announce that I have been sticking to eating so much better and I’m on day 16! I think that’s a miracle. Here are the things you should be celebrating with me: Cut […]

Strange Medical Things Always Happen On The Weekend

On Saturday night, while we were eating supper, Nathan noticed that Ethan’s thumb looked strange. It looked like it had a huge blister on it. Apparently, Ethan had poked it with the pin on the back of a button and it got infected. He didn’t mention it to us. That happened on Wednesday. Oops. So, […]