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Journal and Story-led Scrapbooking

Three of my favorite things: 1) My family, 2) Writing, and 3)Reminiscing by looking through old photos This is why I love scrapbooking. I get to combine all 3 of those things. Ethan turned 5 this last weekend and I wanted to see if I could get his scrapbook up to date by his birthday.  […]

The Crib I Find Myself In- A guest post for Good Friday

(written by Amy’s father when Ethan was a baby) pictures in the post are Isaac at 9 1/2 months The Crib I Find Myself In Today as I see Ethan getting up and desperately wanting to get out of the crib. I am reminded that I as a sinner was once in a crib. The […]

Fun with cameras

I borrowed a camera from Crown today. After all, it’s part of my job as IT Director to play with…erm…familiarize myself with the technology at Crown. I think Isaac was in awe of me. He usually is… I managed to catch a slightly less scrunchy, squinty smile than normal from Audrey, for once! …says the […]

Mom, Please Don’t Bug Me While I’m Playing My Game

Look at mama! Ethan, look at me with your eyes! Oh well. Isaac, smile for me! I love that cheesey smile (complete with bottom lip out nose pointed up in the air)!

How Isaac Takes his Milk

He wants to do it himself. Straight from the cow. I suppose this is his early version of “cow’s milk”.

Two Choices

This is what Ethan told Nathan this morning: “Daddy, you have two choices. You can give me raisins or you can not give me raisins (Ethan had just finished eating all the raisins out of his Raisin Bran).” Daddy says, “I’m not going to give you anymore raisins.” Ethan replies, “That was not a good […]