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Farewell, Summer Break

This past week, we have been easing into school. Ethan hasn’t had to do any school work because his school doesn’t start until Thursday this week. Audrey and Isaac worked on Math & Language Arts/Reading. I think we’ll do “Back To School” photos on Thursday when the kids start tutorial and Ethan has his first […]

Horse Camp Wrap-up

It was, in fact, the hottest week of the year. We’ve had heat indexes of 100-106. I’m going to try to keep that in mind for next year’s schedule! πŸ™‚ I tagged along with Audrey for a while instead of dropping off Audrey and leaving right away on Friday. I wanted to capture some photos […]

Horse camp

It’s Audrey’s favorite time of the year! Just like last year, I seem to have chosen the hottest week of the year for this. It’s been in the 90’s and with the heat index it has felt like it’s over 100 outside in the sun. So hot! All of last week, Audrey kept telling us […]

Day Camp For Isaac

Friday was a day of driving to Georgia (by way of South Carolina because we went to Kylene and Justin’s old house first. Oops). Saturday was a day at the ocean that included getting to see dolphins!!!! Sunday we drove home. And now it’s Day Camp week for Isaac. He does all the fun camp […]


The kids have been with Kylene and Justin. Yesterday was their surprise day.     It wasn’t just the kids who were surprised! When Kylene sent this photo, I did a double take πŸ™‚ The kids were dumbfounded, I guess! The other part of the surprise was that they went camping. Today, in about an […]

It’s Really Quiet Here

Not just here on the blog.   We went to the pool last week and hardly anyone was there for the first hour. Β It was awesome!   The thing that’s really quiet right now is our house. The kids are with Justin and Kylene. This means it’s so quiet it’s scary. We dropped off the […]

A New Laptop and The End of Sickness (Hopefully)

I have a new laptop! My old one had an “s” key that didn’t work. The kids get it now. It works fine with an external keyboard πŸ™‚ If I can remember to keep giving Isaac his antibiotic for his ear infection, he should be able to kick that pretty quickly. Why is it so […]

The Plague

There are so many people sick in our area. It’s really crazy. On Friday, the school district we are zoned for cancelled classes for the day. They decided it would be best to have all the kids and teachers away from each other. Ethan was gone last weekend for a middle school trip with our […]

Well, Hello 2017!

Hello 2017! I’m going to pretend that I’ve been hanging out here all along without any long breaks πŸ™‚ All my words that normally come easily to me are stuck. I feel like all the words are used up and might never return. At least the good words. I have a lot of things I […]

This and That

I just started reading this book. If have any interest in learning to write in a way that people would be interested in reading it, I highly recommend it. It’s only a little over 100 pages and it’s a little paperback. The kids and I have had some extra time together lately while Ethan has […]