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Random Bell’s Palsy Side Effect for Nathan

Nathan cries when he eats now. It’s not because he doesn’t like the food 🙂 I guess it is relatively common as the nerves re-grow to get some wiring that is mixed up. Somehow his salivary gland is triggering his eye to water. I bet you didn’t expect that! So, if you’re with Nathan while […]

Nathan’s Chiro Appointment and Other Things

Nathan had his chiropractor appointment this evening. It was just a preliminary visit. They did x-rays. He will go back on Monday to go over what they saw. Nathan is also considering getting tested for Lyme Disease as well. Because of the way it presented in January, Nathan didn’t really consider getting that test, but […]

Almost 4 months

109 Days. That’s how long it has been since Nathan has been able to use the left side of his face. Please keep praying for healing. The doctors have nothing to suggest. Just wait and see. Tomorrow, Nathan has an appointment with a chiropractor. We’re hoping that he is able to offer some help/hope.

Tuesday Family Update

It’s in the 40’s and sunny here today. It looks like we’ll be in the high 50’s later this week. I am so thankful for the sunshine! It seems like I’m getting a lower tolerance for dreary, overcast days. Nathan had a new co-worker start this week. Their family moved here from Illinois. I ran […]

Friday Round Up

It doesn’t seem like having a cold should derail me so completely. Sore throat,  alternating stuffy and running nose, sinus pain, and lots of sneezing. I want to stay in bed, but life isn’t stopping for me! I went to the store and stocked up on Zicam and Emergen C. I need to kick this […]

Weather: We Have It

We fled the frigid cold of MN when we moved to TN, but we got some crazy weather in return. I’ve never lived in a place that could have tornadoes one day and a chance of snow the next. That’s been how things have gone this week. During the day on Tuesday I had been reading […]

This is not a sunshine and rainbows post

Nathan is home today. He’s in pain because of using muscles differently and his ear hurts. He gets to see a primary care doctor tomorrow to follow up the ER visit. Nathan is discouraged and depressed. I feel helpless. It’s so hard not to know if we should be hunkering down for 3-6 months or […]