Horse camp

It’s Audrey’s favorite time of the year!


Just like last year, I seem to have chosen the hottest week of the year for this. It’s been in the 90’s and with the heat index it has felt like it’s over 100 outside in the sun. So hot!


All of last week, Audrey kept telling us how many days there were until horse camp. I worried that there was no way this could live up to her expectations. She loves horses more than anything! Thankfully, she has not been disappointed. It’s been a lot of fun even though it’s been hotter than blazes outside.



I look at that sweet face and see so much joy! It sure is fun to see her enjoy this so much.

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  1. Kylene says:

    Yea! We’ve been wondering how it’s going!

  2. Jean Fairchild says:

    Looks like she needs a good riding hat! She is so much fun. I’ve got some crafty things ready to mail for her birthday!

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