Microsoft Store Opening

Ethan’s STEM scout group was invited to do a robotics demonstration at the grand opening of the Microsoft store nearby. He had so much fun!




Aren’t the lab coats fun? STEM Scouts has been a great opportunity for Ethan.

We’re enjoying a holiday break from our tutorial. Our Thursdays are our own until January! It feels good. The homework load for everyone is lighter for a few weeks as we just work on Math, Reading and Language Arts.

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  1. Jean Fairchild says:

    Ethan looks so intense! I bet he is shining brightly in that group!

  2. grandpa Henning says:

    There is no reason Ethan can not be the next Jobs and change the world again. I am proud of him and his brother and sister.

  3. Erica says:

    Cool pictures!

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